Vinyl Composite Tile floor Strip and Wax

Vinyl Composite Tile Floor 
Strip and Wax

Vinyl Composite Tile Floor Strip and Wax

Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) flooring is ideal in high-traffic areas and can be exceedingly simple to maintain with regular sweeping and mopping. However, VCT does require a regular strip and wax service to restore its shine and glow. The vinyl and composite tile floor strip and wax service is labor intensive and must be performed properly in order not to damage your flooring.

Prepping a vinyl composite tile floor and executing the strip and wax is different for every job, and Team Clean takes pride in the expertise we deliver with our strip and wax service. Our clients know they are in good hands when we show up to execute this intricate service. We are fully compliant with all OSHA standards and use professional grade equipment and supplies.

Team Clean provides vinyl composite tile floor strip and wax services to the following areas:
Blue River
Copper Mountain

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