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Construction Cleaning:

The construction phase of building your new home is complete and all you want to do is finally move in… but there’s a huge mess that needs to be cleaned up, and it’s the last thing you want to do. We get it. Team Clean specializes in construction cleaning services. We know where to look for the finest dust and greasiest residue, and we make sure your home gets the most thorough top-to-bottom cleaning before you and your family step over the threshold of your new home. 
Team Clean’s construction cleaning services are sure to impress. We provide you the confidence of knowing your new home is dust and dirt free, including the air ducts and places many people commonly overlook. Your drains and other household fixtures will also be spotless and ready to use. New construction comes with a lot of stress, and one of our main goals is to help alleviate as much of that stress as we possibly can.
One unique construction cleaning service we offer is the ability to clean the home as it is being built. This reduces the final mess and time it takes to make your home ready for you and your family. 
Each construction cleaning job has unique requirements, and Team Clean will gladly provide you an assessment of your new home build to help determine the best construction cleaning service program to meet your needs.

Team Clean provides construction cleaning services to the following areas:
Blue River
Copper Mountain

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Team Clean wants to consult with you on the best way to prepare for moving into your new construction home. We specialize in construction cleaning services, so you don’t have to.
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